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Good Noise is an auditioned choir. The choir maintains a membership of approximately 85-90 singers, balancing the voices among three sections, Soprano, Alto and Tenor. Much of the gospel music repertoire is voiced in the style of contemporary African American gospel choirs, which has all male voices singing in a tenor range. Good Noise has branched out musically to include 4 part arrangements of traditional gospel music and concert arrangements of Spirituals.


The choir holds auditions once per year, in the two weeks following the end of the performing season, which is the end of May/beginning of June. Singers who enjoy gospel music and have previous choral experience (in any genre of music, classical, popular, church music, etc.) are welcome to audition. Good Noise accepts both tenors and baritones/basses. Male singers who are baritones should have a strong falsetto, given the 3 part gospel arrangements, and the requirement to sing in the upper tenor range. Good Noise accepts female voices in the soprano and alto sections.


Auditions include singing one song that has been prepared for the audition (auditioner’s choice), some vocalizing (to establish the range of the voice) and an interview. Acceptance into the choir is based on the singer’s previous choral experience and musical background, the quality of the individual voice as well as how the prospective voices will complement the others in the choir.


To be added to the audition notification list and receive audition news and information, or to inquire about audition requirements, please email


Imagine how lucky I felt at my first rehearsal when all of those amazing voices rose together in harmony and joy. Tears came to my eyes, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I said to myself ‘Every week…I get to do this every week!!!’ Megan Fanning (soprano)


One of the best gifts I’ve given myself Teresa Nesbitt (alto)


A choir with professional values that will challenge you and help you grow as a musician. Andre Baron (baritone)


Join Good Noise to find your voice and shine your light! Max Innes (baritone)


I find myself looking for time to sing throughout the whole day… best therapy ever! Wendy Royle (alto)


If you are looking to be in a non-intimidating setting singing beautiful music, this is the choir for you. Not only will you sing what you love, you will learn tips along the way to help you sing what you love better. On top of all that, the people are kind, warm and energetic and are all about the advancement of the choir. Brittany Bird (soprano)


For such a large group, a wonderful caring group of people. Much camaraderie. We are ‘knit’ together. Judy Van der Horst (alto)


The opportunity to sing with a wonderful group of people and to spread the joy of Gospel music in its various forms.  Basically it is fun!!!

Peter O’Loughlin (tenor)